Nexus 3 : The Other Nexus Device

It has been a week of Nexus news. With Google’s event being postponed due to hurricane Sandy, the news will continue. The latest one being of Nexus 3.  This time from a photo put up on Google+ by a Google employee in Switzerland. It was not the photo, but the photo details that interested us. The details tell us that the pic was taken using Nexus 3. And from the resolution of 2048X1536 pixels, we can say that the device has a 3MP cam. Obviously, the Google employee did later comment on the photos saying “just to be clear, the EXIF data here is modified”. But can we believe a Google employee when it comes to top secret devices ? No we cannot. And also, when was the last time someone saw a Google employee taking photos using a 3MP cam? According to me, it is only possible when Google gives the employee a test device with a 3MP cam. So, its time to add one more device to our list of what to expect from Google at their next event, when ever it takes place that is .

via Sammobile