No! Simply copying Apple will never make Samsung a viable alternative

First thought which may pop-up in your mind is that this post is being written by some Apple Fanboy, but let me put that misconception away by telling you that ‘No, I am not a Apple Fanboy’. While going through many posts on Google plus and Facebook, I am across large number of people stating that by copying Apple, Samsung has become a viable alternative to iPhone at less rates.

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Please, don’t jump to this amateur conclusion, How can you say this? Samsung phones are nowhere near to iPhone as of now, but as per their present progress they might get close in future. In layman words, I will say that install ‘Temple Run’ on Samsung Galaxy Note and that same game on iPhone and Samsung, you will know the difference ( and I am damn sure you will know the difference) between the performance of these phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note is no less than 30k (at this same price you can get an iPhone 4) and any day iPhone 4 beats Samsung Galaxy Note, when it comes to performance. Try to draw something on your ‘Note’ using stylus, you will not be able to draw any such thing which they show in their advertisements because drawing anything involves huge amount of UI lag, thus making it really difficult for a common user (who is not an artist) to draw anything. From that ‘Temple Run’ game I tried to validate the same point. Though it might have a better processor, a decent memory size of RAM but it cannot stop the UI lag.

Enough with Samsung Galaxy Note, now I will take Samsung Galaxy 3, it was launched at 40k, at which you can easily get an iPhone 4S 32GB from India (which is already overpriced when compared to US prices). Galaxy Note has a Quadcore processor cortex A-9(decent!!), 1 GB RAM and chipset of 4412 Exynos quad. Now a very simple question ‘Is there any problem related to UI lag in this phone?’. Well, the answer is ‘Yes’. What is the reason of increasing the performance of the phone, if the problem still exists on it? Improving the camera, increasing screen-size, COPYING APPLE UI and etc. will never make these phones any day comparable to Apple iPhone.

Apart from these hardware specifications, Apple has a huge database of the application which provides large number of options to the iPhone users and even if you feel that iPhone restricts the users and thus those application in Apple App store are of no use to you. Then you have a different database for the applications called ‘Jailbreak Applications’, I am pretty sure that combining both the databases of the application will win your heart.

Yes, Samsung has established itself as a huge brand in mobile industry and yes, they have the potential to leave any other competitor behind, but only copying will not do much. Smart copying is required, if they can get rid of the UI lag and improve the UI flow fluidity better than Apple, Then I am damn sure that Samsung phones will definitely out sell Apple iPhones. That’s all from my side, please put your views in the comments.