Nokia Asha 200 Review: Hello Hope

The hope machine. Seems a bit from your typical science fiction book doesn’t it. Well the Nokia Asha 200 is a bit of that for the very low segment of phones. In my ode to reviews therefore I thought of including this particular phone which is Nokia’s lower end offering, with a marginalised higher end design. By higher end I mean a typical qwerty smartphone based design. The Nokia Asha 200 will be the last lower end phone I am covering in my ode to reviews because this is also indicative of Nokia’s strategy to capture the lower segment demand of a cheap and workable phone. For those with an urge to get  a cheap phone within the next few days or so check out the specs below.



DIMENSIONS SPEAK : The Asha 200 is dimensioned at 115.4×61.1×14 mm and weighs 105 g. Its not that heavy and feels pretty light when you have it in your hands. The dimensions of the phone however give a pretty good grip while holding it. The Asha 200 is designed in a sleek casing and the dimensions play a vital role in keeping it that way. You can have a comparative look at it from the image specs of similar phones.



DISPLAY: The display is sized at 2.4 inches which is small, but then that is what you get at the low end price that the Asha 200 is priced at. The display is a TFT type with 256k color feature and a screen resolution of 320×240 pixels, which implies that the Asha 200 sports a decently clarified display. Very much competitive in its segment.

POWER: The Nokia Asha 200 carries a standard BL-5J 1430 mAh capacity battery, which gives a talktime stats of upto 7h and a standby time upto 552h. The music play value on the Asha 200 is however a decent 52h. Apart from these specs there isn’t much to rave about in the power value of the Asha 200.

SOUND,CAMERA,ACTION: The audio quality is good on the Asha 200 with a clear noise reduced output. There is a standard 3.5mm jack outlet for external audio outlet units.

The camera on the Asha 200 is a standard 2MP affair and basically lacks in a detailed shoot of images because of the absence of auto focus. Furthermore the presence of an above a second shutter lag while taking pictures is pretty annoying. But in an affordable lower segment phone such as this, its all that you will be getting. Video coverage is abysmal in the Asha 200. All in all the camera is just there.

The action on the Nokia Asha 200 is without doubt the design on it and its dual sim utility. Its clean smart looks stand it in good stead in the lower end phone segment. Specifically the framed qwerty keyboard which is a breeze to work with. If I were to pass a verdict, the Nokia Asha 200 is a commendable lower segment phone with clean appealing looks and standard features and a very good keyboard for comfortable utility. A good value for money at a price of Rs.3739 in India.