Nokia Asha Series: Prized Prices

A constant coverage of Asha series phones from the Nokia stables by MachineHappy would have caught your attention in the last few days. Most viewers would be in a quandary as to why we take time to cover phones from the lower ends when what catches attention in the maket and is trendy to be with, in the market are smartphones and high end machines that would presumably make people happy. True enough but then wouldn’t it make us happy to own a good machine that is affordable too. I am sure that would make us happy too. Especially getting a affordable phone that delivers upon features as well. So the Asha series from Nokia on MachineHappy. Since we were doing a job of reviewing the products from the Asha series to make your task of getting a affordable priced good machine easier I thought of giving up a price specs review for the range of phones in the Asha series as well. The following is a roundup of the price and pointers to buy one of the Asha series.

Nokia Asha Speak

Nokia Asha Series Why Buy Phone Genre Price Speak
Asha 200 Makes you look good with its neat looks and styling Low End Mobile Phone Rs.3739
Asha 205 Provides the best communication features in its segment Low End Mobile Phone Rs.3500 or less (Estimated)
Asha 305 Smartphone with good features at the lowest end smartphone price and a dual sim juggler Low End Smartphone Rs.4320
Asha 311 Low end smartphone featuring 3G and wifi Low End Smartphone Rs.6300


All in all the Nokia Asha lineup provides a comeback of the good and affordable product line and need I say more. To know more check machinehappy.