Nokia C2-03 Review

Today on MachineHappy I would like to move to a phone that engages in the lower end of the market. Nokia does have in its product lineup these low end phones that still manage to not look cheap in any way. In this segment maybe Nokia is the only big player, which does it on a big scale. And needless to say this segment has been a consistent segment for Nokia because however much the galaxies scream at the top line to middle segment markets, the commoner out who still prefers that uber cheap phone which somehow doesn’t look cheap. In this particular lineup the Nokia C2-03 would seem like the trump card in the market. Whether it is or is it not, check out post another one of my Ode to Reviews. Take a look at the specs first.


DIMENSIONS SPEAK : The Nokia C2-03 isn’t that tall nor does it come with the stocky feel one might like while holding it. However for its segment you can’t exactly expect it to integrate both looks and dimensional support as well as features. Nokia has chosen the lesser of the three devils by going in for looks and features rather then contemplate the industrial designing of the C2-03. The C2-03 comes with dimensions that speak the average starting segment phone with:

  • Size:103×51.4×115 mm
  • Weight: 115 g

If I may the Nokia C2-03 doesn’t support any outstanding dimensions but it has a sturdy design and it definitely makes a mark in its features which is more then what one would ask for in a phone in the lower segment.


DISPLAY: The C2-03 sports a pretty decent display size of 6.6 cm which integrates resistive single touch technology, that implies you get a sporty enough touch experience in terms of not having to annoyingly keep on touch butting the screen. The display supports only a portrait orientation and no landscape orientation. The display has a resolution of 320×240 pixels which gives just about as good a display experience as would be expected of a baseline Nokia phone much less then what a samsung champ would provide.

POWER:  The C2-03 supports a removable BL-5C battery that has a capacity of 1020 mAh indicating you get a talk time of 5 hours with its 2G usage and a standby time of 400h along with a music playback time of 37h . This is less then a samsung champ C 3303l which is one of its competitors in this segment but the features and performance do stick out as a saving grace.

SOUND,CAMERA,ACTION: The audio output quality on the C2-03 is good if not the best in its segment. The C2-03 comes with the standard Nokia music manager and supports noise cancellation. It has a few competitive user friendly features like selection by song, artist and genre. The audio performance is not hot but its not cold as well, I would place it on a doable scale.

The camera on the C2-03 is a 2MP installation that tends to miss out on finer points and the video recording is also unsatisfactory. There is no flash on it so its only fit for daylight photography if you somehow use it for that purpose.

The Nokia C2-03 manages to capture the action not by the features like sound and camera or by its design on a standalone basis but it does a good combination of all to give a fairly well performing dual sim mobile that suits you well when its a low end good phone that you are looking out for, at a price of 73$.