Nokia Lumia 822 Review: Worth It Or Not?

Nokia has tried a lot in the last quarter to step up its performance in the market and come to terms with the now rampant player on the ground Samsung. The most visible product line step ups of Nokia in this regard can be seen in the Nokia Lumia series which has been touted by Nokia as its tool against the Samsung lineup specifically of the Galaxy series from Samsung. Nokia has churned out the variants of the Lumia series in a clockwise trend. A few models are the:

Now all of these have been covered in some or the other review and mostly would have been seen. But one phone from the Nokia Lumia lineup with Verizon seal on it has not been seen much around. This one is the Nokia Lumia 822 which most customers know nothing about, considering Nokia itself has recently focused largely on promoting the Lumia 920 which has definitely worked to a margin in its market segment. However the Nokia Lumia 822 is a product packaged out of the Lumia 820 which is co-branded with Verizon. For happy Lumia users heres a review on it.


 I won’t say the Nokia Lumia 822 is attractive. It is definitely better looking then the Lumia 820 but its not styled out well enough. Furthermore at its range its very heavy. Much heavier then a iPhone 5 and a little heavier then a Nexus 4. This heavy weighed design is covered by a hard plastic cover that does not feel well textured by any means. The largest design folly I find in this phone is that its weight is not defined by its size or even the features on it.

The Nokia Lumia 822 has got a 4.3 inch WVGA display that gives a decent enough experience. The Nokia Lumia 822 display is an AMOLED  but it lacks a pen tile sub-pixel configuration and instead sports a true RGB grid.

A dual core 1.5 Ghz processor and 1 GB of RAM is what is sported by the Nokia Lumia 822 if we were to talk of the processor specs on the phone. The phone has got decent audio output and also sports a well performing battery. However the feature of wireless charging which is in built in the Nokia Lumia 920 is not include in the 822.

The battery gives decent back up performance. It gives in 10.2 hours of talktime backup when using 3G.

The camera carried by the Nokia Lumia 822 is an 8 MP affair with the primary camera option and features a Carl Zeiss lens but the output of images is pretty mediocre. I wouldnot say bad but when terming the quality in terms of a Lumia series phone, I would not say its the best. The front facing secondary camera option is weak on the phone and specifically finds issues when balancing the whites.

If I were to grade this phone I would say Nokia has just another Lumia phone in its line up that just is going to be there. It is not expected to be a hot seller but its a good marginal high end package in a small phone.


I rate the Nokia Lumia 822 in:

Design: 3.5/5

Performance: 3/5

Value: 3/5 at $ 99.99