Nokia Lumia 510 – The Cheapest Member Of Lumia Family


With the news of  new Nokia Lumia 920  releasing this November.  Nokia gave one more surprise to all it’s fans with the release of new Nokia Lumia 510. Thus not only the users who want to spend more  but also to the users who want to spend less and still have the experience of Nokia Lumia Series get an extra option.

Four reasons why you should go for Nokia Lumia 510:

1.The new Nokia Lumia 510 has a 4 inch screen bigger than Lumia 610, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 which makes the gaming, surfing and video experience better.  It also comes in 5 tacky colors(Blue,white,Red,Yellow and Black) giving more options to it’s looks and design.

2.It comes with 7GB of  free Sky Drive Cloud storage which helps the user to store data like photo’s, videos and eBooks easily and readily available from any where and any time.

3.The windows 7.8  gives the new and improved home screen tiles which offer users the ability to flick through varying sizes to create a unique setup on the display.

4.The 5MP camera gets the awesome makeover bringing with it the ability to use self-timing captures and group shots as well as capturing panoramic views.

After all those above features if you are still not convinced then there is the surprise deal of all. All these amazing features are available at a very affordable price of Nokia Lumia 510 – Rs.11K – making it the cheapest member of the Lumia family. So don’t just spend time thinking, just go and be the 1st one to grab your hands on the new Lumia 510 this November.