Nokia Pureview Windows Phone To Feature For Real In 2013

nokia pureview 808A revelation in terms of the mobile world, wouldn’t be an exaggerated phrase to use with the Nokia Pureview. It was one of the best phones to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2012. The reason the phone was so looked up to was because of the mind boggling 41 MP camera that’s housed in it. The Nokia Pureview concept was a revelation in terms of the extension of the mobile as a media device specifically related to photography.

However the Nokia Pureview wasn’t purely integrated into a Windows phone that exclusively featured this high end option. Instead it was just integrated into the Nokia Lumia 920 and that too not as a full scale functional add-on. But that is set to change soon with reports suggesting that Nokia might be mulling over unveiling a full blown windows phone based on the Pureview 808 which was showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2012.

The handset being code named EOS will be ranged as a high-end Lumia this year, and will be clad in aluminium — rather than polycarbonate, Nokia’s current material of choice for its high end Lumia phones. The EOS device will be supported by AT&T, and is speculated to have a new look — probably “squared edges” on its aluminium body. Of course, Nokia declined to comment on the rumored device.

One consumer issue with the PureView sensor would be that it is very large making the 808 handset quite heavy, with a noticeable bulge at the top end. Nokia has been criticised for the weight of its flagship Lumia — something that won’t be helped if it’s going to add the full kit and caboodle powering the PureView. However apparently if the equivalent camera addition of a very high end camera is to be added to a mobile device, the weight is an addition naturally.

The device would be a definite watch out for when it comes to the market because it would set a new segment in the mobile market and maybe change the way of the high end media smartphones.