Nokia Xpress for Lumia Phones better than Chrome or Safari

Data Plans are a big issue especially when it comes with a low limit on your smartphones, where 3G eats up everything while loading all flashy images and heavy features on your browser page as quickly as possible. The smartphone apps like Google Chrome browser and Apple Safari, use compression technique to lower the value of data being downloaded from the web but then technique has been beaten by Nokia Xpress, because this browser available only for the Lumia users uses the technique of Cloud Compression. This technique compresses the data to almost 85 percent and thus providing the customers with fast browsing.


This application combines 2 of the most important features of your Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The Quick Link page has been taken from Google Chrome and the Reading List has been taken from Apple Safari. As similar to Google Chrome, the quick link pages will be available with few links initially and then after sometime it will replace those links by the new links which are usually used by you.


It will have the reading list feature named as ‘Magazine’. Here you will be able to create your own section of reading by adding the articles to this section. But the feature which distinguished it from the Reading List on iPhone is that the as the time passes, Xpress will itself start guessing about the type of article you prefer to read and it will populate the article on its to that section. You can get an idea about the articles by taking a glance at the first few lines and then you can go the actual story by tapping ‘View Original Story’.

There are few more features in this mobile which makes it highly user-friendly, I hope Google Chrome and Apple Safari will have them in their next version of the application.