Osmo The Game System That Takes Your Off Screen Games On-Screen


Osmo is a unique gaming accessory designed for iPads that changes the way kids play. There’s digital gaming. There’s real world fun. And then there’s Osmo, a magical experience that merges the real and virtual worlds to defy the boundaries of play. This comes as an extension to your iPads. This easily glides over the camera and iPads fit well into its base. With its app feature one can turn their iPads into a real world gaming device. Once it is turned on playing field gets activated. It allows kids to play real games on-screen. Osmo was invented by young parents out of Stanford and Google. Engineers at heart, the founders are personally committed to innovating new technologies that nurture positive play experiences for kids.


Osmo has the ability to turn physical objects and interactions into digital game elements. The technology that makes this possible is called Reflective Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are two main components of Reflective AI: The Red Osmo reflector (a mirror) and the computer vision algorithms that process the data. The reflector and our computer vision software together give iPad the ability to integrate physical objects into our games in real time. This device consists of 3 basic units.

  1. Reflector
  2. Base and
  3. Playing Field

How it works:

  • The reflector redirects the iPad’s front facing camera towards the playing surface, which allows the iPad to see the entire surface in front of the Osmo stand.
  • The raw image on the playing surface is collected and then computer vision transforms the raw image into a digital collection of recognized objects.
  • Then the game engine integrates the objects recognized by computer vision into the game. This is how physical objects you put in front of the screen become digitally connected game pieces in real time!

It comes with 3 basic games to start with.



Arrange tangible puzzle pieces into matching on ‑ screen shapes. This engages kids like how they would play with real time puzzles.




This game allows kids to draw objects. Kids learn by drawing new objects that they learned about. This is designed to increase scope of their creativity. A digital pen that is part of this set allows kids to draw.



Kids can now play “Guess the word” without any chalk and board or copies. Printed Alphabets are part of this set.

Osmo is available for pre-orders with 40% discounted price at $59.