Back To Games On TV: Ouya TV

This Sunday I was sitting around feeling nostalgic about the good old days when gaming meant that huge drawing room television with everything happening in big time display and I just remembered coming across this back to the TV gaming console called Ouya. Although like all current generation users of the tablet and smartphone games I was a bit skeptical of how this new back to the good old times gaming console would behave in the current times, once I went more into the product I really found it promising if I were to explain my best emotion. The Ouya has been designed as a all free to use games holding gaming console based on Android with the centre of its usage promise being centred around the t.v. The Ouya promises an array of games, audio-video streaming as well as multiple entertainment apps all of which can be used straight out of the living room.


Ouya has been one of the largest and fastest off the shelves projects ever featured in Kickstarter. Featuring a project that is backed by video games veteran Julie Uhrman and designed by Yves Behar. The project achieved much higher funding than what it had been targeting at Kickstarter wherein people bought 20000 Ouya consoles within 24 hours of it being put up on Kickstarter.

Ouya kickstarted its initial days well with collaborations that ranged into:

  • Exclusive Ouya Title – A Prequel to Human Element
  • OnLive – To bring hundreds of on demand games live through streaming.
  • Final Fantasy – One of the gaming world’s most loved franchises was also brought on board.

More than these collaborations Ouya has really outdone itself in terms of user and backers interfacing by developing feedback inputs into their designs. As such with other friendly features like audio-video playback and streaming Ouya definitely scores on the innovation charts.

The Ouya is a great interface for both gamers and developers. For gamers it is a console that would be the first to bring about the limitless boundaries of the internet and mobile platforms to console gaming. For developers every console device itself includes a SDK which comes free of any extra charge and could be used to develop games which can be freely uploaded to Ouya. The best part for developers is that since its based on an android platform so the programming for games in this developers environment is same as developing in Android.

All in all this could give the console market the facelift it deserves.