Pavlok: The Wrist Band Gives You A Shock If You Miss The Gym


Tired of failed New Year resolutions? Want to get back in shape but still tend to miss going to gym? Want to get up early to get some “ME” time but your bed is too cozy to let you go. Trying to cut down your calorie intake but can’t resist those delicious cupcakes.

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? Pavlok is the solution that will shock you. Yes! it gives you a shock, literally. This is a wrist band that gives you shock for continuing your bad habits. You’ll be forced to leave those chips that you munch into despite of the claim of being on diet.

How it works: You decide a task for yourself and add it on Pavlok’s app on your smartphone as a goal. You get to decide what happens if you miss the goal. You can start with adding a vibration alert to mild shock alert or even monetary penalties. If you complete the task you win some $$$ if you lose you pay some.


Through this app one can track his progress. This is more like a playful task keeper. You can also get your friends keep a track of your activity. If you miss your task they also get a reminder and can get you back on track.

Behavior change is a science that involves motivational re-enforcement to achieve your goals. This device alerts you to ignore all the distractions and concentrate your goal. Your brain works better towards achieving your goal when it knows the consequences.  It automatically eliminates distractions letting you perform better.

As they say old habits die hard this wrist band will get on track to do what you wished you could. Pavlok’s CEO Maneesh Sethi says “Sometimes crazy works”. This wrist band will help you inculcate those habits that you wished for and you eventually acclimatized to them. This is conscious natural habit former.  This wrist band will be available from 2015 and it will cost approx $250.