PhoneJoy Play Review: Phone To Gaming Console Transformation

To all avid gamers out there, let me just ask this one question. What is the most annoying part of gaming. I could give you a few pointers towards that. First and foremost is obviously the wearing out of the games you like. Secondly when you have a game you like you end up not having a proper interface to play with (Read gaming console). With people terming the iPads and iPhones as their gaming partners and hooking up with their smartphones as play mates the one definite lack is the absence of an appropriate gaming console device that enhances the gaming experience on the smartphone. Well now maybe we will have an angel in this regard with us soon, courtesy the PhoneJoy Play currently on

Whats PhoneJoy Play? 

PhoneJoy Play is a new design console from PhoneJoy which is aiming to make gaming with smartphones a console based experience soon. Its design is based upon the inefficacy of touch screen based gaming which inspite of the largely endless games available upon the Android or iOS platforms makes gaming an incomplete experience. PhoneJoy Play is a gaming console that actually pairs up with your smartphone machine and transforms it into a gaming console totally, allowing you to play on games effortlessly just like you were using a dedicated gaming console.

How It Works?

The PhoneJoy Play is basically a wireless gamepad device that allows clamping on option onto your smartphone based on iOS and Android platforms turning your smartphone into a gaming console. The beauty of the PhoneJoy Play is however the fact that it can also be used with PCs running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux or by connecting your phone/tablet to your HDTV or projector.

The PhoneJoy Play can be used via Android and iOS phones in the following ways:

  • PhoneJoy utilizes Bluetooth to connect, so on Android devices (version 2.1+), firstly the PhoneJoy pad has to be turned on and then the Bluetooth on the phone has to be turned on, followed by the launch of the PhoneJoy app, which gives a step by step pairing instruction.
  • iOS users need to turn on Play and activate the iCade mode. Post this the PhoneJoy Play just needs to be paired and connected in the iOS settings followed by launching the PhoneJoy Game Center to choose and install compatible games.

The PhoneJoy Play is all about bringing the joy and comfort of console gaming onto your smartphone. To know more check out the specs below:

  • Closed mode: 102 mm (w) x 87mm (h) x 37 mm (d)
  • Fully extended: 255 mm (w) x 87 mm (h) x 37 mm (d)
  • Weight: about 250gms
  • Docks to smartphones of all sizes up to 153mm width and 14mm thickness
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Wireless range of up to 30 ft
  • Battery power of more than 20 hours
  • 14 programmable buttons
  • 2 pressure sensitive analog sticks
  • 3 LED indicators.
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Four modes: HID Gamepad, HID Keyboard, iCade, Mouse Emulation
  • Supported by more than 300 games on Android & iOS

The PhoneJoy Play is not into production yet but pre-order and pledges can be checked out here

Also game set and go with this demo here: