Phonescope 3D For iPhone: Scan on 3D

As real as possible. That is how we like our clicks to be isn’t it? PhoneScope 3D enables iPhone users to do just that, by scanning their clicks in a three dimensional scope. While it could be a highly useful enhancement for many professionals,  it is targeted more as an entertainment and fun enhancement to be used in an iPhone.

The PhoneScope 3D consists of a lens clip that does not stand out much when it is fitted over the iPhone bumper so as not to seem odd protruding over the surface of the iPhone. The PhoneScope 3D works with a desktop and the scanned images can also be taken out as 3D prints.

The PhoneScope 3D consists of a macro lens that magnifies the iPhone’s camera view by upto five times. That preferably implies the zoom feature of the iPhone multiplies five times with the PhoneScope 3D enhancement. It also features a light lens attachment that clips onto the lens and utilizes ultra-bright LEDs to distribute light evenly on the subject and reduce coning.

The PhoneScope 3D might not be one of those red hot enhancements that you would like to add on to your iPhone but it could be that enhancement that you might want to have fun with. If you are one of those people who have seen Life Of Pi recently you might just be thinking of the fun things you could do with your very own 3D scanning enhancement.