Phorce: A Bag That Will Charge Your Devices, Talk To Your Smartphone and Transform!

You all remember Timbuk2 Power Commute, right? The bag that can charge your devices on-the-go. Well, now there is a new bag which can do the same and is smarter.  The new bag is called Phorce. It can power 3 USB devices simultaneously. It can charge your iPhone, your galaxy, your macbook, anything that can be powered using an USB cable. The number of times that one can charge a single device varies for each device. Apparently it can charge an iPhone 8 times. Check out the list below.

And yes, you read it right, macbooks are not charged, they are powered. The reason is that they use Apple Magsafe Airline adapter to connect the battery pack to Macs, this arises some issues. The issue is that the Magsafe adapter does not support charging. The creators also say that this is more efficient and prevents Phorce from “quickly pouring all its power into your MacBook”.

Now coming to the smart part. The bag can literally talk to your smartphone. It does involve an app. The Phroce app is free. It is available for Android and iOS devices. What does it do? For starters you can check, how much of charge is left in battery pack and it also tells you what you can do with it. The app can also be set to remind you to charge Phroce when the battery goes low. And since this app is associated with your Phroce bag and is completely useless without it. So, to avoid miss placing your bag, the app has a feature which will alert you when you are leaving your bag behind.

And the article title does say that it transforms. Transforms into what? A giant robot? Err, not a giant robot, but transforms into other types of bags. Phorce can transform from a messenger bag, to a backpack, or briefcase. It is more of a personal choice. The bag also has a 360 degree expansion zipper which can be unzipped to create more space. The bag also provides a good amount of padding to keep all the devices safe. The bag is water resistant too (unless you punch a hole through the bag).

Now coming onto charging the battery pack. The Phroce can be charged using a wall mounted charger. It takes upto 4 hours to charge up the pack to 100%. The company has plans to increase the capacity of the pack by 10% without increasing the weight of the product. Talking of weight, the bad weight just 1.7Kg.

The bag comes in Black, Red, Green and a “voters choice”. You want to vote for a color too? For that. You will have to contribute as a backer at kickstart for the project.

The Bag is still in development state and will be rolling out by May. It comes in two versions: Phorce for USB and Phorce for Mac. It is expected to be price at $349 retail.

Source Kickstarter