Photoshop’s New Update-Pressure Sensitive Stylus Support,iPad Mini Optimization

For all the art loving fans who love to give life to their imagination or make their existing pictures more beautiful, photoshop is the right software with great features to go for. Using Photoshop on iPad can be a real treat. But until now, some tablet art fans have lacked the all important pressure-sensitive stylus support to create natural pen and brush strokes. The new version 1.4 covers up all the features which it lacked before and is now available for download on App Store.

The update adds compatibility with the Pogo Connect, Jot Touch, and various JaJa stylus accessories. This addition is a pretty big deal, and increases the iPad’s clout when it comes to competing with other art-centric tablet devices and add-ons.

The new version also adds up new user interface for iPad mini and an additional feature of sharing for social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Thus making your sharing of art with your friends easy.

So get your update from App Store and start sharing your amazing piece of art on web today.