Taking Photo Prints From Your Pocket

LG Pocket PhotoThe other day I was with my mom and clicking pictures on the go. Suddenly she started talking about getting the prints of the clicks. The only thing I kept on saying was who in the wide world takes printouts of pictures today. But then I was stumped because I quickly realized that prints do last and are memorable.

Fast forward to CES 2013 and taking prints of images might just be in vogue around the corner, soon. The LG Pocket Photo takes the concept of taking prints of images into your pockets making the task of taking image prints as easy as saying cheese.

MachineHappy Speak:

The LG Pocket Photo is a sweet and small photo printer that is compact, light and definitely mobile. The LG Pocket Photo comes in three different colors (pink, silver, and orange) with a metallic finish on its edges. It was launched last September in South Korea. The LG Pocket Photo measures 4.76-inches tall, 2.83-inches wide, and 0.94-inches thick. The printer transfers photos from a smartphone via NFC communication as well as Bluetooth.

The catch to this otherwise wonderful compact pocket printer is that to take prints we need an LG handset with NFC, and also the LG Pocket Photo app. The app can take photos using the phone’s camera, edit pictures, and if you want, it can also generate QR codes to print out.

The printer prints photos, using Zink, or Zero ink, paper technology. The printer heats up the dye crystals embedded LG Pocket Photo Printinside the paper, triggering it to change colors accordingly to the photo. Pictures measure 2×3-inches, and while photos don’t look as clear and defined as when professionally developed or printed on a high-quality photo printer, objects are generally in focus and easy to make out.

The most impressive thing about the LG Pocket Photo is the ease and speed with which it takes photo prints. The Pocket Photo printer requires just one adequate charge to be portable for a considerable printing support.

MachineHappy Cut:

The LG Pocket Photo printer is a just another portable photo printer in terms of its utility, however its quite a revelation in terms of bringing the concept of photo printing back and also in terms of its portability and fast functionality.

To see the LG Pocket Photo printer in action check this video.