How To Prevent Purple Haze And Scratches At The Back Of iPhone 5 [Solution]

Out of all the problems discovered in iPhone 5, two of them which have been irritating most of the customers are:

  • Purple Haze: Every time when you will take photograph, it will make that unclear by adding a purple haze layer over it.
  • Scratchy Back: This time the back of the iPhone 5 is not glassed like iPhone 4 and 4S, so that aluminum cover when gets scratched gives a very ugly look to the phone.


Keeping these 2 problems in mind (especially the first one), camHoodie has released a case for the new iPhone which will help in correcting both the issues. Now let us take a look at the logic behind this remedy. CamHoodie suspects that this Purple Haze is the result of more-than-required light falling on the lens and thus this case places piece of rubber over the lens of iPhone 5, which abandons that extra amount of light.


Thus avoiding that extra Purple layer on your iPhone, moreover this case will also protect the scratches on your iPhone. So, all the interested users can click here to buy this online.

And the users who don’t want to cover their iPhones but still want to get rid of the purple haze will have to wait for a while. We will update this section as soon as we get one solution to it.