Razer Edge- The new Multi-Portable Tablet

razor edge

With so many products present in the market you are always confused which one to buy and which one not. Razer Edge has come out with such a tablet which can act as your multi device. A gaming tablet with an attachable game pad that offers a variety of streaming and media features. If you are a gamer what else do you need. Everything present on your one single device. Not just that, if you get bored of the small screen size you can also attach it to your TV. It makes two-player gaming surprisingly easy, and with its various companion add-on’s (TV-out dock, game pad, a forthcoming keyboard/case), it offers multiple usage modes which is really cool

With all these cool features it really managed to bag one of the best device award at CES 2013. The main fact about Razer Edge is inspite of being capable of doing so many functions at the end of the day it is just a tablet. Also it includes the latest windows 8 OS and Nvidia Graphics card so paying a few bucks more is not bad.This device is available at $999 by the end of February and you have to pay extra for extra accessories.

Yes, the battery life of this device is bit less but it serves the word PORTABILITY really well.