Razer Ouroboros: The New Rodent King


A normal tech user might say Razer is just another company which manufactures peripherals like keyboards and Mice. But ask a true gamer the same, and he will swear by Razer’s products (some might even have Razer tattoos). Why? Over the years Razer has brought out some really cool stuff and all are targeted at the gaming audience. And they are really good at it. The lasted product from their workshop is the Ouroboros. What makes it so special? One can say it is the most customizable mice till date and that is one of the first things to look for in a gaming mouse. One can select from a wide range of options, you can change the side grips, the palm rests, weight and even adjust the inclinations of the grips.

If you get bored of using the mice with your right hand, you can use your left. How does that make the Ouroboros different? Well, if you talk to a gamer who uses his left hand, he will tell you how difficult it is to find a good left handed gaming mouse, especially the good ones. At this point one might think “But what about the buttons on the side, those cannot be moved on to the other side, when you want to use your other arm”. One can use the word “symmetric” to describe the design of the mouse. Yes, if you cut the device exactly in the middle, you will get two parts which are mirror images or each other. So there are equal numbers of buttons placed at similar locations on either side. There are 11 buttons and all are customizable.

Well design is not everything when it comes to gaming mice. One will have to look at its hardware specs too. The first thing to see would be the DPI, which says how sensitive the mouse sensor is. The Ouroboros has a DPI of 8200, which pretty high, one can say is the highest you will find. Is a high DPI needed? Well, not really. Gamers use DPI in the range of 1500 to 3000, but for those few who like high sensitivity, a high DPI is good. And having a mouse with a high DPI doesn’t hurt, never know when you will need it. By the way you can adjust the DPI, useful for those sniper kills. The sensor used is a 4G Dual sensor. Hence it will track your movements more precisely. And if you hate wires, then the Ouroboros is the one for you. It also comes with a charging dock, neat huh? The mouse is price at $130 and is ready for shipping. If you think the mighty Ouroboros is not the one for you, check out our list of cool gaming mice, you might find one that is.