RC Car Which Transforms Into A Robot

After watching Transformers, was it your dream to own one of those cars which transform into a giant robot with cool weapons? Now you can make your dream come true. The transforming car robot is from a Japanese company called Brave Robotics. Before you start dreaming of driving a cool car that transforms into a robot, let me tell you that you cannot drive this car. To tell you the truth you wouldn’t be able to fit yourself into the car. The car is really a RC car controlled by a joystick. One click and it transforms into a humanoid robot, which can walk around. It has some weapons too. Not those which blow up things, but two plastic missiles which are fired from its arms. And it also has a WiFi cam. The price of the transform robot is only available on request and one has to wait for a month after order to get it.

Source: Brave Robotics