Rdio iOS and Android App Tweak


 MachineHappy is all about bringing everything about machines that make you happy. Today on MachineHappy news let me take you through apps that make you machine happy or should I say make you happy using your machines. Sort out things that make you happy and music would probably top that list for most of us.

For the uninitiated Rdio is an application that allows the user to seamlessly hear music from one of the largest databases of music tracks collected from world over. It also allows music social networking which allows following what others are listening, preparing your tracklist based on recommendations and other unique features.

Rdio has now reworked the iOS and android app by tweaking it with newer and better features. The new user interface provides a neat look and allows smooth utility. iOS and Android users can now discover with new side-bar navigation, which appears on the left side of the screen to provide Your Music, Settings, Playlists, and more. Additionally, the infinite scroll option allows continuous exploration by loading more content as users scroll through lists of songs. Music can be played any time with the Offline Mode setting. The best part of the new Rdio app is however the remote control function that allows the user to pause, skip, or play on another device from remote locations by using a “Play Here Instead”.