Action Starts Here As The Blackberry Boys Return:The Blackberry 10 Unveiled

blackberry 10 press release 4Research In Motion finally releases the Blackberry 10. Its most hyped and most significant release till date, considering the circumstances under which it is being released. The once king of smartphones has gradually declined from the global smartphone market and the Blackberry 10 is being seen by industry experts as well the general consumer as a last ditch attempt by RIM to salvage its market share and pave the way towards its future in the smartphone market.

This live coverage covers the news straight from the RIM press release.

The Blackberry 10 is RIM’s attempt to revamp and overhaul its entire line of products. RIM has left no stones unturned in its quest to make the Blackberry 10 starting with the development of a huge cache of apps on its Blackberry World store for Blackberry 10 to rival those of competing google play as well as Apple’s iTunes.

Further expected were the market launch dates of the two new Blackberry 10 devices Z10 and X10 which are expected to be the flag bearers of the new Blackberry 10 OS. Not only these, Research In Motion had even worked up a storm with the features that are accompanying the new Blackberry 10 including:

  • Larger than ever before media content availability
  • Time Shift Camera
  • Blackberry Hub– The new face of the unified inbox.

Action Starts Here: BlackBerry 10 Release

Now that I have given you what everyone was expecting, here’s what Blackberry 10 had in stock.

The Blackberry 10 big release event kicked off with the experience story coming from everyone who could use a Blackberry 10 starting off most importantly with the developers who have kicked into the Blackberry 10 eco-system, the users who say they can make amazing things happen with the Blackberry 10. The Blackberry 10 released today is a result of RIM’s decision to move from its older platforms to make an altogether new platform.

Blackberry 10 is being released with the line of transforming mobile communication to mobile computing. The following are the excerpts that I draw from the press release:

  • Blackberry Hub,Peek and Flow are going to be the new things in mobile computing.
  • Compatibility with other devices and everything else in life is the promise of Blackberry 10.
  • Personal internet of things. Blackberry secure network.
  • RIM Premium Music Service
  • Amazing media applications like MTV Nightfinder Developed Natively With Cascades
  • New Gesture Approach
  • The Best Keyboard Experience Ever Seen
  • Hyper connected socially
  • Blackberry Messenger Screen Share
  • BBM Video

Blackberry Hub

BBM Video

The Blackberry 10 press release also turned up a number of surprises. I rounded them up as follows:

  • Blackberry 10 and Research In Motion are now a single entity in the form of Blackberry.
  • Q10 Released: The first ever Blackberry 10 smartphone with a physical keyboard.
  • Peek & Flow: The first ever interface that allows people to peek into anything that comes up while you are working on something like watching a video without having to stop your video. You can actually flow into peeking into whatever new has come in and then flow right back into your video.
  • Hub: Hub allows everything that you do with your communications including tweets, mails, messages, facebook, linkedin to be centred at a single place. And more than the ability to communicate it is the ability to be with your past, present and the future of all your communications in terms of meetings, appointments etc that catches attention with the hub.

blackberry 10 press release Redesigned

To all readers while I am not sure how Blackberry 10 will move into the future, but believe me with the Hub, Flow and Peek it surely looks like Blackberry 10 is a winner already. And with the glass physical keyboard a definite beauty with the smartphone, multiple platform compatibility, redesigned, re-engineered and re-invented it definitely is. 

On a roundup action definitely starts here with the Blackberry10. Whether the action goes on to bring back the Blackberry Boys shall be seen as we move ahead.

I will be covering more on the new devices and the Blackberry 1o OS including the time motion camera . So keep checking.