Reveal your Safari Passwords with REVELATION [Jailbreak Tweak]

On our laptops we generally do not have to remember the passwords because our browser remembers everything and even if we forget any password then we can see them in the settings section of the browsers under Saved passwords. Now if you have same condition on your iPhone Safari browser then you will not be able to see the passwords saved somewhere on your iPhone whether you are using Safari or Google Chrome over it. Today in this post we will talk about the application which will show you the masked passwords which are filled automatically by the browser when you choose the option to save password in it.

This is a jailbreak tweak which will help you to unmask all the passwords available on a webpage, once you enable this tweak just refresh the page and masked password field will be reviewed. As per the observation this works fine with the general Password field on an HTML Page. Obviously this might reveal your password to anyone sitting around you and looking at your phone, but if you take the necessary actions then it will be better than resetting your phone at that point of time.

This will not work with any of the applications of iOS, which are integrated Facebook and Twitter wherein you login just once and then never need to enter the password again because it is saved, but you cannot take a glance at those passwords with this tweak.

As per my view this tweak is not that great because if you are anyways around your computer then you can have a look at that password from the settings section or if you are using your iPhone and you have already got password saved in it then you can login for that moment and then later on enquire about it, but if you are facing situations specific to the need of this application then at worst you will have to reset the password. This application is available in the BigBoss repo for 1.99$, please let us your view whether it is worth to buy this application.