Review of Nikon L810: Easy Point And Shoot

The Nikon L810 is an easy to use camera perfect for people who don’t want to be bogged down with technicalities .Nikon L series where L stand for life ,believes in making the life happy of the crowd enriching them with versatile range of colors. Loaded with the 26X optical 16.2 megapixel CCD sensor, Expeed C2 image processor and a vibrant 921,000 dot screen to merge the reality into the display, with a firm grip and chunkiness, it really gives you the nice feel of a DSLR.


Quick Specification:

  • 26x zoom optical zoom lens (35mm equivalent
  • : 22.5–585mm)
  • Easy Auto mode
  • Side zoom lever
  • 16 megapixel CCD sensor
  • 720p HD video recording
  • 3.0 inch 921k-dot LCD screen
  • Lens shift VR (vibration reduction)
  • ISO 80 – 1600
  • Best shot selector (BSS)
  • 3D shooting mode
  • Smart portrait system
  • 19 scene modes
  • AA-size batteries
  • EXPEED C2 image processing system

Lens and Zoom:

With the 585 mmm equivalent telephoto or the 26X optical zoom and 22.5 mm wide angle shot seems to be pretty decent, but with the 585mm zoom when one try to go close to the action, the little vibration at you end can be large enough to distort your image, So the VR image stabilization which is a combination of the image sensor shift and electronic VR comes to the play. The macro mode is not good as DSLR but actually a price for money, with 0.4 inch you can actually go nearer to the object. The Aperture range of f1.3 -5.9 is very decent, the only disadvantage is the slow autofocussing.


The camera provide a support for the SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, the internal memory is very less approx. 50 MB, but can be very handy in emergency. The camera comes with the class 4 memory card, but the use of class 10 memory card is recommended if you are doing high resolution video recording, with lower class you will not compromise with the quality but you will end up with the little lag as your data pipe line is always loaded with the data.

Support for memory card by camera is 64 GB approx…

Hardware Design:

Processor and Image sensor:

The processor used is the CCD image sensor (Charged coupled Device) with 16.2 megapixel which is responsible for less noise production and less battery life as the CCD sensor are more likely to consume more power.

Camera Design and Body:

The camera body is made up of a very nice plastic Glossy finish. Camera eradicated the optical view finder found in many bridge cameras. The images and the videos are recorded through the impressive High resolution 4:3 ratio Display. The rear LCD display of the mode a commonly found in many point and shoot and removal of the mode wheel has avoided the camera to the bulkiness.


There are detected button for the video recording, playback of images and video, there is an obvious mode button which is marked as green. Nikon present the camera with the two lever for zoom. One is encircling the shooting button and other is at the barrel housing of the lens. The handgrip of the camera is good as it is not bulky and rubber padding in the camera is to avoid the slipping through finger. Memory card and the battery slot are nearer to each other, and opening of one flip panel can open the way to both compartment. The rubber cover at the side of camera shields the HDMI, USB and mains adapter ports.


The battery for the operation of the camera is 4xAA alkaline rechargeable or non-rechargeable cell or that can take up to 300 to 350 shot at one charge. There is also an option of lithium and NimH battery which can contribute 700 and 450 shots. The usage of providing this set of battery for operation is actually to provide a supplement battery usage when main battery drains out. And the alkaline battery can be found cheaply anywhere.


The camera takes two to three minute for powering up and almost take a half a second for focusing when the shooting button is pressed half. The camera take little bit of shutter lag and store the image to the camera memory the two or more second is required which is not pretty great but appreciable for this level of the camera. The zoom is test at the widest and the lowest angle of the camera, at the widest angle camera loses the focus at the edges and leads to the overexposing at the edges.

Image quality: the average size of image taken from the camera is 6mb, the image can be taken in various size that vary from 16M (High) [4608 x 3456(fine)] 16M [4608 x 3456] 8M [3264 x 2448] 4M [2272 x 1704] 2M [1600 x 1200] VGA [640 x 480] 16:9 [4608 x 2592] . The image taken and visible in the live view or display are sharp not over exposed and blur , buts the result seen are actually not the same even. With the low noise the result are extremely beautiful and sharp after the 400 ISO the noise comes and edges start deteriorating   and higher 1600 ISO image is poor. With the landscape mode in the Night result are extremely poor and due to lack age of manual control result can’t be improved but with prolonged exposure and automatic selection of mode image are little better but not too good.

Video quality: the video quality provided with the camera is 720p at 30 fps and VGA at the 640 x 480 at 30 fps. Although the stats are good but the video quality is not far good for professional purpose, it is pretty good for home and the web purpose, but the zoom dint work while video shooting.


If you describe the camera on the basis of few things such as design , the camera design is perfect for a long range point and shoot and rubber surface add on the specialty in the camera to prevent it from the scratches ,If you consider on the basis of the feature the camera is loaded with lots of mode for photography while camera lags in between which is not ideal for the sport photography, If you consider with the ease of use , the camera is normal point and shoot just you need to select the automatic mode and rest the work will be done by camera itself. The image quality is far good in low ISO sensitivity but at higher ISO in night or low lighting condition it is not ideal. For Value for money Camera is nice option and give very strong competition to its rival.