With the arrival of windows 8 every one wants to lay hands on HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 but there is one more horse who is going to run along with them in this race, The new Samsung ATIV S.  Though ATIV S does not have quad core processor compared to other two contenders but it has few special features which will surely make you to go for it.

 Let’s go through some of the features of the phone.


It has a 4.8 inches Super AMOLED screen similar to Galaxy S3 and with the capability of viewing the videos in HD, it is an experience in itself. The live tile adds up more flavor to ATIV S. The special feature of re-sizing of each tile like banner adds up a new feature to this windows phone. Double tap to zoom feature has been used properly in ATIV S which you won’t find in other smart phones.


ATIV S is equipped with 8MP primary camera and with 1.9MP front camera for video chatting. The 8MP camera comes with so many features that you will always be eager what new can you do on your clicks. Photos are fine but not as good as other smart phones like iphone 5 or even the galaxy s3. The video quality though is better compared to other smart phones.

Quad Core:

The software introduces some new features to the Windows platform, including the improvement of the folders, contacts and widgets. Its 1.5 Ghz Dual core processor gives awesome speed and helps in multitasking.


This phone not only appeals to corporate users but also to the young generation. The amazing gaming feature of this phone will whoop the young gamers. With the help of its dual core processors, you can play HD games with ease and its 1.5 Ghz processors gives good speed. Also the 4.8” screen gives an amazing gaming experience.


Google map gives an extra advantage over other phones. With the special street view you can actually feel you are standing at that place and it gives you a 360 degree view of your surroundings.


Every good thing comes with some side of improvement and even this smartphone has a few cons. Multi tasking view is same as HTC. When you scroll, you can see one app page at a time. So you have to constantly scroll left and right to scroll particular application. The QWERTY keyboard doesn’t take the full advantage of the big screen size.


ATIV S looks smart with its huge AMOLED screen also the back metallic cover gives it a cool look with the mesh like part at the back. The back part is not metallic but made up of plastic material like that of Samsung galaxy S3.


Samsung ATIV S is the good contender in the race of Windows 8 smart phones. The only glitch which is setting it back is its dual core processor while HTC 8X  is available with quad core processors. Now the rest is left on the price of ATIV S which is going to be declared in December2012 with its release. The new Samsung ATIV S is released in Canada at price range of  $600 to $650 with out contract and at $100 to $30 with contract of 3 years.

 If you want to experience big screen and Windows 8 together then Samsung ATIV S is the right choice to go for.

MachineHappy would rate this phone as follows:

Looks: 4 out of 5

Performance: 4 out 5

Features: 4.5 out of 5