RIM Blackberry 10 Trailer- Enterprise Service 10

blackberry 10 enterpriseResearch In Motion is all set to release its much hyped about torchbearer, the Blackberry 10 OS, this January 30th. In the lead up to the most important release arguably of RIM’s lifetime till now, Research In Motion is on a no holds barred effort to ensure a positively showcased release. It has ensured that there is sufficient pre-release hype via leaks of its new devices which will sport the Blackberry 10 OS and addition of thousands of apps to its supporting app store, the Blackberry World.

Taking another important step in this direction, it has announced on Wednesday the latest version of its mobile management solution for businesses. The BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which is now available for download, will run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The software will be instrumental in how BlackBerry 10 will be publicly received and could determine the overall future of the struggling company.

As of now, the software is available to government agencies and corporate clients. Among the key functions is a separation of work and personal applications on individual devices, as well as data, to make it easy for those using the same phone for corporate and individual uses to separate work and play.

“BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 empowers employees to be more productive and better equipped to serve customers while it provides business and IT leaders with the confidence that corporate data is protected and manageable in the same way they have long enjoyed with BlackBerry,” said Peter Devenyi, senior vice president of enterprise software at Research In Motion, in a statement. “BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 makes mobility easy for businesses to help keep them moving.”

Alongwith these developments, the mobile device management software Mobile Fusion is also being stopped in the market from being a standalone product. In order to strengthen its Blackberry 10 offering RIM has even integrated this software with the new Blackberry Enterprise Service.

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