Royal Huisman Athena: Royalty Redefined


Have you ever wondered what opulence is all about. For me its about having a lot of money and the option of spending equivalent to these exorbitant amounts on something as exorbitant as its price. And let me assure you, the Royal Huisman Athena is an yacht that redefines royalty and opulence in its very existence. The Athena from Royal Huisman is one of the largest loops in the world and although it features all modern technological fittings that make an yacht of today, still in its bearings it has the splendour of the old times especially in its three level masts, which gives it its identity.

In the lead up to the new year extravaganza that every one of us wants to subject ourselves to, lets check out this piece of extravagance that is not a piece but the whole lot of it in actuality.

Specs Speak:

The specifications of this loop have been crafted through a collaboration of the world”s best in the maritime industry andLuxury_Superyacht_athena_monaco_staroom21 luxury furnishing designers. These specifications ensure that it delivers upon the most important requirements of a luxury yacht liner which are luxury linings and security for the sailors.

  • Type: Three Masted Schooner
  • Designer: Peter Beeldsnijder Design
  • Naval Architects: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Interior Decorator: Rebecca Bradley Interior Design
  • LOA: 90m, 295.28 ft
  • LWL: 60.52m,198.56 ft
  • Hull Speed: 18.9

Design Speak:

ATHENA - The Main Saloon

The Royal Huisman Athena yacht has been crafted by some of the world”s best as can be seen from the mobile casino specifications surrounding the yacht. Peter Beeldsnijder is a legendary design expert for maritime machines and has designed the interiors and exterior of this sexy loop. The Athena is designed on the interiors carrying a lightly stained mahogany feature so as to give the interiors an airy feel. The huge Athena has been divided into appropriately spaced areas for human occupation utilizing human size proportions as a measure for the design. The interior furnishings have been integrated by Rebecca Bradley.

The three mast schooner rig by Rondal provides some 2,500 sq. m of sail power and is complete with in mast furling for the topsails and in boom furling for the carbon fiber gaffs. Some 55 Rondal captive and drum winches allow lightning fast tacks under full sail whilst sails can be set and stowed at the press of a button.Using ‘Alustar’ plate mast construction the tallest of Athena’s three masts fits snugly, at low tide, through Panama’s controlling bridge height of 62m. And to give a sense of scale to all this, a trip up one of Athena’s mast top hydraulically operated crow’s nests gives the adventuresome a bird’s eye view over an expanse of teak decking as Athena presents herself – a redifinition of the golden age of sailing.

athena main

MachineHappy Cut:

The Royal Huisman Athena isn”t your run of the mill machine that everyone could possibly buy but it definitely makes for a good feature in our dreams today (as is the case with me) and make for a great buy maybe someday. Untill then sail on.

The Royal Huisman Athena is priced at 72,150,ooo euros.