Rumors: iPhone 6 with NFC, Retina+, QUAD-Core processor.

Not much time has gone after the release of iPhone5 and the rumors about the next iPhone are already going out. From all the rumors which spread last time (regarding iPhone 5), you can definitely belief the other rumors which have started popping up regarding new iPhone, you can call that as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.


Now as per the information provided by Bussiness Insider, Apple wants to change the strategy to mid-year releasing of their products. The reason is still the strategy, especially when they have always released their products in the last few months of a year. As per the new rumors the next iPhone is coming up in the month of June 2013. Now this is pretty early, and I don’t think the users who have already bought iPhone5 will be happy with it. It has been just a few months and now (if the rumors are true) then Apple is putting up some very good features in their new phone like NFC, Retina+ display and few more.

Retina + is an HD display which is supposed to be introduced by Apple in their iPad 5 and next version of iPhone already the Retina display is at 326 ppi and now they are planning to increase is further but do you really think that the normal eyes will be able to differentiate much between retina and retina+. Well as per the experts the user with the vision of 20/20 will be able to do that, so I think to magnify the difference Apple is planning to increase the size to 4.8 inches.

Why 4.8 inches? The only explanation possible explanation can be the screen-size friendliness of Samsung Galaxy 3 which surely rocked the market a lot and users appreciated the screen size. The other new thing which you are going to see on your iPhone is its availability in different colors. Like iPods now you will see the new iPhone is various colors and yes!! This is great news for the ladies. The next feature is supposed to be cortex A-7, a QUAD-core processor (finally in the iPhone).

Well, I personally don’t feel that Apple will announce their next products so soon but recently when Samsung has announced that they will be introducing something new on Jan CES 2013, I can doubt a bit that Apple might tend to release a new version of iPhone later in June or July. But then I don’t think they will be putting all the great in the phone at once, Apple never runs after putting a new technology in their devices. It always takes time and manages to provide the best compatibility to that technology in their device and that is the reason 4G LTE came later in iPhone as compared to the other phones and now NFC will be coming in iPhone after the phones, but still iPhone is treated as KING.