New Sailfish OS By Jolla [Is it a Game Changer?]

If you have heard only iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows,Here is a new name to add up in your mobile OS list. Jolla is promising a mobile OS that’s unlike anything else on the market, with an emphasis on personalization, multitasking, and performance,“SAILFISH”.

In the demo video that’s been posted, Jolla shows a lockscreen that looks a bit like a mix of BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone. A quartet of large, clean tiles dominate the display, and swipe gestures allow control over the apps they represent — for example, swiping the music app’s thumbnail reveals playback controls. In the gallery app, Sailfish allows setting wallpaper images by gently pulling down to scroll through a hidden menu at the top of the screen.

Those of you who hate having to press a button to wake up your phone will love one small Sailfish feature. Like the BlackBerry PlayBook, Jolla’s demo device can be awoken with a screen gesture — a double-tap anywhere on the surface, as opposed to RIM’s slide from edge to edge.

Other good news around Sailfish yesterday : ST Ericsson has pledged its support for Jolla’s efforts, and the company says that many Android apps will “just work” on the new platform.The Mer Project Wiki also offers a number of handy developer downloads already, including the SDK. That includes a virtual machine image that can be run inside an app like VirtualBox, so enterprising types with a penchant for compiling and bleeding-edge software can get involved with Sailfish OS right now.

Beware Apple,Berry and Beans,Fish is entering in your market