Samsung And BMW Join Hands In Galaxy Note 2 Marketing

We all know that Samsung spends a huge chunk of its money marketing its products. And this spending is justified, look at the sales figures. When it comes to marketing their products, Samsung doesn’t just stop at ads and event sponsorship. They come up with some really creative events of their own. To point one out, “The Galaxy Note World Tour”. What they did was, hold events in different cities around the world. The events let people get close and personal with the Galaxy Note. They also had artists who would draw a cartoon of you using the Galaxy Note. It was to show how the Note can be used in a creative way. And these events worked, the Galaxy Note became the most successful phablet till date. 10 million units of the device where sold worldwide. Now we have the successor to the Galaxy Note, The Galaxy Note 2. The Galaxy Note 2 is better and is going to be more successful than the older Note (check the figures). And like always Samsung does not want to leave any stone unturned. To start with, there is no “World Tour”, yet, but they have hired an artist and partnered with an Automobile giant. The Automobile giant we are talking about is BMW. What Samsung and BMW have done is paint few BMW 1-series cars with designs made by designer and artist Shin Dong-jin using the Galaxy Note 2. These cars are placed for public viewing in Seoul. They also have a huge S-Pen hanging over them, giving the impression that the cars have been made using the S-Pen. If you are living in Seoul, you can check out the cars in at Coex Central Plaza till 12 Dec. For others, you can check out the images here.