Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH R830: Review Unveiled

The new kid on the block is coming soon. Samsung has done a really good job of extending its lineup of products within a single brand lineup like the samsung galaxy series. Coming soon to add to the exciting lineup of machines in this series is the Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH R830. The Axiom SCH R830 is slated to launch by this December and promises to add sparkle to the already spectacular galaxy lineup from Samsung. Looking at the features promised in this model I strongly feel its going to feature in the mid-range segment of smartphones like the Xperia U or a HTC One V. To know more check out the specs review.


DIMENSIONS SPEAK : The Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH R830 reportedly has a dimensional stats of 121.7 x 63.7  x 12 mm. Thus it is taller than a HTC One V. In terms of weight it packs in 135 g which is inclusive of the battery on it. Thus the Axiom SCH R830 will surely have a heady weight and strength in your hands.


DISPLAY: The display on the Axiom SCH R830 is optimal at 4 inches display diagonal. The screen resolution  is at 480 x 800 pixels which should give the crystal clear clarity that users have come to associate with Samsung machines. The screen is a WVGA LCD which implies the utility of the screen and responsiveness of it to touch will be very smooth and a breeze to work with. Additional features on the display is the Corning Gorilla glass screen it shall feature.

SOUND,CAMERA,ACTION: The sound action on the Axiom SCH R830 features a stereo output and mono recording feature along with a standard 3.5mm plug. Although much cannot be said about the audio quality immediately but the Axiom SCH R830 does promises to feature the usual Samsung audio clarity.
The camera featured on the Axiom SCH R830 will feature a 5 MP camera on its back along with a front facing camera having a resolution of 1.3 MP. The phone does look to feature a flash and offers numerous features like auto focus, shot modes, cartoon, single, smile, panorama, smile Shot, geo-tagging, camcorder, DivX®, HD Recording, HD Playback, video share, online image uploading which promise that the Axiom SCH R830 will feature prominently in terms of its camera action.
The Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH-R830 features an Android 4.0.4 embedded OS which is expected to be upgradable to Jelly Beans. The Samsung Galaxy Axiom SCH R830 is a promising model in the Galaxy lineup from Samsung and one expects after its soon to be launch it should step up the competition  in the mid-range of smartphones pretty fast. All in all remains to be seen how the phone behaves in the market but in this pre-launch review I definitely give it a heads up and the status quo of worth a look when it hits the market.