Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 Smartwatch Debut In Couple Of Days


Samsung seems to be sticking to their winning fundamental of launching various models with slight alteration in specifications. This was one of biggest move to attain success in smartphones and they are continuing the same thing with their smartwatches as well. Samsung has already launched 4 new smartwatches viz Samsung Gear Live, Samsung Gear Fit, Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear 2 Neo. If one would note then it is Samsung’s sixth smartwatch since last September. Isn’t it too early for Samsung to launch Gear 3? It’s been scant months since it launched Samsung Gear 2. Probably the manufacturer doesn’t think so.

Highlights of Gear 3

  • Samsung Gear 3 will feature a curved rectangular face according to Pocket now.
  • Gear 3 sports a longer AMOLED display than Gear 2.
  • Gear 3 will have very thin side bezels, high brightness and better color saturation.
  • This smartwatch is rumored to not offer a camera but will have a cellular radio.
  • This device will have a feature button just like predecessor Gear 2 and Gear 2 new and run on Samsung’s Tizen OS.

Nothing is officially announced but Samsung might announce this gear at the same September 3rd Galaxy Note 4 event. This is the closest date we see as of now.