Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Now With LTE

LTE is taking the world by storm. With the LTE mania growing, Samsung has introduced a LTE version of its Galaxy Note 10.1. Other than the LTE, the new tab has few new additions too. Something that will make users of older version envy, is the new updated Jelly Bean OS (why? Well, they are yet to receive it). Along with the new OS Samsung has also added Multi-window (similar to the one found on Note 2), Airview and Easyclip. Another welcome addition is VoLTE (Voice over LTE). It enables one to talk while using LTE. So when can you buy one? Well, it not out yet, unless you live in South Korea. The new Note 10.1 with LTE, is only available in South Korea and is presently restricted to three Korean carriers. But according to rumors, it is expected to be out in other countries by the year end.

Via AndroidPolice