Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Goes Dual-SIM In China

There are many smartphones that support dual-SIMs on the market. But have you ever seen a higher end smartphone sporting dual-SIM slots? Well in December you can, if you live in china that is. Samsung China has unveiled a dual-SIM version of the Galaxy Note 2. To be exact, the guys at Samsung China have added an extra SIM slot. Yeah, a normal SIM slot, not a micro-SIM slot. The original Note 2 has a single micro-SIM slot. The new device is good for people who have a micro-SIM and a traditional SIM. But what about guys who have two micro-SIMs? We hope guys at Samsung brainstorm a bit more before introducing the device. For consumers who have no problem with two SIM slots of different sizes, you can buy the dual-SIM version of the galaxy Note 2 from December 3rd, when it goes on sale.  It is priced at 5,199 Yuan,

Via Engadget

Source Samsung China