Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 Review: Does it play?

The Samsung Galaxy player 4.0 actually looks like an iPhone 3GS. You might find it surprising I am starting this review with such a cheap attack on such a good brand but sadly its what anyone who looks at the samsung galaxy player 4.0 or even the galaxy player 5.0. The Samsung galaxy players come equipped with all the regular google apps and dual cameras. However whether that is enough to take on the iPod touch which still reigns supreme in the media player market or even matches the utility and cost that most android phones do, remains to be seen. Check out the review for more.




The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 sports a 4 inch display screen. The player supports 8 GB of storage memory which is expandable via a micro SD slot for up to 32 GB. The player sports headphone jack and the USB port on top of the device. The player has a removable back. The screen sports a 800 x 480 resolution which makes the display pretty sharp on the player. The earphones of the player are typically looking alike the iPod earphones, however they are quite workable for audio output. The speaker on the back isn’t that outstanding feature of the player but just give a good enough output to have a listening experience without expecting too much out of it.


The major part of the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 is just that it has the enabling features of Android. Furthermore it also supports TouchWiz as a UI support for its display. However that doesn’t add up to much of a performance enhancement of the player except for the part that it allows playback from the notification window as well as the locked screen, which is quite a plus. The already loaded player is an Andorid Stock that doesn’t add much to the music playback on the player. To have a better experience it is suggested that you use different compatible players like Winamp, Google Music, Uber music etc. The bottomline for the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 is that there is no supporting platform that can rival iTunes without which the iPod touch beats the Samsung players hands down.

My verdict its a player you would like to get only if you really are into Samsung alone and you love Android.


I give the Samsung Galaxy Player:

Looks: 2.5/5

Performance: 3/5

Value: At $229.99 its a 2/5