Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini: Dwarf S3?


Liked the Galaxy S3, But feel that it is a bit too heavy on your pockets? Well, we have the right device for you. The device we are talking about is the Galaxy S 3 Mini. To put it in short, it is a smaller version of the Galaxy S 3. One could say smaller in size, as well as in specs. Here is our take on the device.


If you love the design of the Galaxy S 3 then, you will love the S3 mini too. The Galaxy S 3 Mini is almost a perfect replica of the Galaxy S 3. Yes, almost. Other than the size, there are some changes to the design of the device. The changes are small, mainly in positioning of the front cam, flash, audio jack etc. Other than these it is easy to mistaken the Galaxy S 3 Mini for the Galaxy S 3 (Unless you know how big a 4.7inch smartphone is). And to make matters worse it is available in the similar colours as the Galaxy S 3: Marble White and Pebble Blue (and will get more colours in 2013).


When rumors of the Galaxy S 3 Mini started surfacing, everyone expected a Galaxy S 3 in a smaller package. But that was not to be. Instead it is more of a dumbed down version of the Galaxy S 3. Well, it is missing a lot of things. The main thing being the processor. The quad core has been dropped for a 1GHz dual-core processor. Being smaller in size the S 3 mini has a 4 inch Super AMOLED display. And yes, the S3 also has a Super AMOLED display. But there is a difference here too, this time in the PPI. The S3 mini has a PPI of 233 which is less the 306 PPI of the S3. This is mainly due to the resolution, the S3 mini has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is not that great. The S3 mini has a 5MP rear cam which can record 720p videos at 30fps, and a VGA front cam. Other than these, most of the internal hardware is the same a found on the Galaxy S3. These include the 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC to name a few. But it does lack LTE. The S3 Mini has 1500mAh battery, which is less than the 2100mAh battery in the Galaxy S3. But battery is not an issue since the Galaxy S3 Mini has a slower processor and lower hardware specs.


The Galaxy S 3 Mini runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is being rolled out for the Galaxy S 3. Like all Samsung Android smartphones, the Galaxy S3 Mini comes with TouchWiz UI. But don’t expect lesser features when it comes to software. Samsung has included most of the features found on the Galaxy S3 in the Galaxy S3 Mini. Some of these features include: Keeping the display lit when you are looking at it and switching it off when not. Another feature found the Galaxy S3 Mini (which is also found on the Galaxy S3) is pop up play, which was first seen on the Galaxy S3. Overall the software on the Galaxy S3 Mini is pretty good. But might lag a bit due to its processor.

What we say

If you want a Galaxy S3 in a smaller package, you will be disappointed with the Galaxy S3 Mini. Mainly due to processor. But on the other hand, if you are not a fan of smartphone with huge screen and disagree with having more computing power than required, then the Galaxy S3 Mini might be the phone for you.

Overall Samsung could have brought out a better phone. The device could have been improved a bit more, especially the display resolution, speed of the processor, the cam and the battery.