Samsung Galaxy S4: Detailed Coverage of New Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 was revealed at ‘The UnPacked event’ which happened at New York. The build of the phone was already leaked through various rumors which have been turning up in the last few months and it almost resembles the build of Galaxy S3, its predecessor. The phone will have 2 variants when it comes to processor, one of them will be a 1.6 GHz Exynos Octa-core (8 cores) and the other one will be 1.9 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor. These variants have been designed with various countries and regions in mind and hence they will be shipped accordingly. But all of these variants will use the same DDR3 RAM of 2GB which makes it a powerful combo to handle with the Android 4.2.2 Jellybean.

Ryan Bidan, Samsung Director of Product Marketing says the Galaxy S4 is slimmer, lighter and more powerful than any phone ever before. It is larger but thinner and lighter than the Galaxy S3 which is really impressive. The battery used here is 2600 mAh which is again good for the phones of such huge display as compared to the HTC one with 2300 mAh with the same display size. The screen size is of 5 inches with HD Super AMOLED display offering the size of 441 pixels per inches and another best feature of the display is the ability to sense the touch even when you are using this with your gloves on your hands.

The primary camera carries a resolution of 13MP with BSI (back-light Imaging Sensor) capable of capturing the images in low-light scenarios, it is also capable of recording the videos in full HD mode of 1080p. The secondary camera has a resolution of 2MP. The phone comes with Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G, 4G LTE and also provides 4G LTE roaming. When talking about the storage capacity then this phone has three variants as 16GB, 32GB and 64GB which can again be expanded upto 64GB.

All the new software enhancements in this phone have been described below in detail. We have covered every single new feature available on this phone which have been described by Ryan Bidan in the unpacked event. Please let us in your comments if we have missed something.


Dual Camera Mode

Now the personal taking the photograph or making the video will also be available in it unlike the other phones. When recording the video when you chose the option of Dual Camera then in a small frame on the screen, the person recording that video will also be displayed.


Before even capturing a photo you can select the template of the frame in which the image of the person taking the photograph will be inserted, the templates are named as Stamp, instant pic, heart shaped, fish eye and more.

This will be functional while video chatting through ChatOn (in-built IM) also, the caller on the other will be able to receive the video coverage from your front and the back camera on the same screen.


Sound and Shot

This feature allows the user to take the image and then attach a sound clip with it. This mode will capture the image followed by few seconds of audio recorded while capturing that image.

Drama Shot and Eraser

Usually we have seen that Burst camera in a camera helps you to capture around 30 frames per second. But then you get all the photos in your album and then you can choose the best ones to be used but with the Drama shot mode it will capture more than 100 shots in 4 seconds and then by selecting the best shots out of those it will place them on your screen creating a beautiful collage as can be seen in the image below.


Eraser on the other hand will help you to eliminate the objects from the photo and thus making it clear or desirable for you. Like if you are taking the picture with the people inside it and you wish not to have that third guy then you can just tap on him in the image while being in the Erase mode and that person will be eliminated.


Now in the albums section you can tap the album and then holding on it to see the preview of the image in that album.


S Translator

This is a major software upgrade by Samsung. This feature has the ability to translate the language by hearing the speech and then reply back in the same way through the audio or putting them into on your screen or it can also do the other way around. It can hear your speech in English and then after translation it can put it in French for your friend who does not know English. As of now this supports 10 different languages and as the time progresses it will keep on upgrading with new supported languages.

It is also embedded with ChatOn (in-built IM), e-mail client and text messages, so that you could understand the message in some other language easily. It has also got Optical translator which will help you to translate anything which is written somewhere, by capturing its image and then translating the text written over it.

Adapt Display

This is something similar to the Mobile Bravia technology used in display of the Xperia S, where in real-time automatic adjustment of saturation, contrast and brightness is done. Giving you the pleasant display all the time.

Story Album

The story album is a smart way of creating an album. Now you will not have to choose the images one by one and then add them, align them and follow other hectic steps to create an album. Story Album has the feature of taking all the photos which have been taken at the same time into an album and so in order to give a final touch to it you will just have to select the first and the last page of that album along with the layout and the template selection.


S Voice Drive

This feature can be used when you are driving your way to your office or any other location. All the feature like replaying a call, or replying a message or read them or listening to the voice mails will work with the help of voice commands. So you will not have to look at the screen while driving, when a message popsup on your screen, it will ask you about all the options related to that message, you can speak out the appropriate option and Galaxy S4 will do the same.


Even if you are lost and want to find the way out then just say the destination name or any contact name in which the address has already been saved. It will show you your way to that destination on the maps. Apart from these you can also find the music while driving or you can ask for the weather reports.

Samsung Smart Switch Program

This is a software which will be available on Samsung’s official website and would be helpful for users who would want to switch to this phone but they are afraid of losing any sort of data while moving on to this phone. It also carries the  feature of transferring the data from any other phone of any other platform to this phone directly.


To enable the functionality of this software, you will have to connect your other phone with computer and this software will retrieve all the data from it and then connect your Samsung Galaxy with your computer and the software will put all that data and backup files on your S4. So, if you have Windows Phone OS or if you have iOS or if you have any other Android phone then you can use this tool to transfer all the data on to your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Knox Feature

This is a feature that was unveiled at MWC and Galaxy S4 is the first phone from Samsung with this feature. The feature divides your phone workspace into 2 different zone, one of them work related and the other one for your personal usage. So, this means that all the files (like images, videos, ppts, docs) related to your work will never merge into the files which are associated personally to you. So your official e-mail account will never have access to anything personal on your phone. This feature also has the ability to fight malicious software coming through internet in day to day life.


Group Play

This is the new feature specific to Galaxy S4 where in you can easily share music files, documents or photos with or without internet. With the help of Group play you can play the currently playing music through other Galaxy S4 and this can go to the extent of 9 Galaxy S4s playing the same music at a time, so you can use few of them as surround sound system while listening to a song, making one of the S4 as the right speaker, the other one as left, another one at the back and another one in the middle front.

Air Gesture and Air Call Accept

Now you can flip the pages of a pdf file or scroll the internet webpages without even touching the phone, you will just have to swipe your hands over the screen to your left of the phone without touching it and the page will flip. Similarly if you are reading email and you want to go back or you are reading a webpage and you want to visit the last page in history then swipe the hands vertically.

Air Call Accept is also the same thing with the fact that you can actually receive the call by just passing the air gesture to over the calling screen.

Samsung Smart Scroll/Pause

I will explain this feature with the help of an example. If you are watching a video and something around you caught your attention then it will automatically pause the video considering your head movement. Once again if you start looking back the at the screen then the video will restart automatically right from the point where you left off. This feature basically captures you head placement and so whenever you move your head to watch something else apart from the screen it captures the position of your head and then pauses the video. If you are reading anything on your phone, then you will just have to tilt your phone to scroll up and down or to the next page or the previous page.

S Health and Accessories

This time there are certain new accessories or I should say health monitoring applications available for Galaxy S4. You have a  heart rate monitor, S Band and Body Scale to measure the amount of calories being burnt through the day while walking and also keeps the track of your blood pressure and sugar level. This is something new seen with any Samsung product ever.

Other common accessories which may make your phone colorful are colorful Back Cover, Flip Cover and Pouches. The accessories are smart taking an example where the flip cover once closed will automatically put the phone in sleep mode thus also acting at the battery saver for Galaxy S4.


Phone will be available in the market by the end of April. The price of this gadget is yet to be released. Phone is good on the software upgrades and is obviously the most powerful phone produced by Samsung Galaxy ever. Being almost similar in the hardware aspects with the other contenders in the market it takes itself on to a different level with new software features embedded in this phone. However where it will go just with software advantages will have to be seen.