Samsung Gravity Quad Review


Well last year when Samsung galaxy S2 took over the market no one ever expected there will be any cell-phone better than that. The huge screen, corning gorilla glass, multitouch and dual core processor no one ever thought what was waiting for them in the future but the date july 4th 2012 just swept everybody’s feet with the release of new Samsung galaxy S3. If you are thinking why i am taking about samsung galaxy 3 with the title of Samsung Gravity Quad, Then lets make it clear. Samsung Gravity Quad is itself Samsung Galaxy S3 but again released all over japan and china as Samsung Gravity Quad on December 2012.   It came with so many amazing features bundled along with it just making the buyers think is there any cell better than that?

The new Samsung Gravity Quad is a sleek, smart, light and loaded with amazing features and access to thousands of android apps. This phone is ‘The Hulk’ in the smartphone market who just beat all the phones of not just Samsung class but also Apple, Sony, Motorola and Nokia. Let’s go through some of the features of the phone.

It has a 4.8 inches Super AMOLED screen and with the capability of viewing the videos in HD, it is an experience in itself. You can have up to 7 home screens which means you are one touch away from accessing more apps right from the home screen. The live wall papers comes as the cherry at the top for S3 which gives a slight edge in its looks along with its ravishing four colours (Pebble Blue, Marble White and Red).

Samsung Gravity Quad is equipped with 8mp primary camera and with 1.9mp front camera for video chatting. The 8MP camera comes with so many features that you will always be eager what new can you do on your clicks. Samsung have not just stunned the users by the Quad’s hardware but also worked on the OS pretty well.

Quad Core
The software introduces some new features to the Android platform, including the improvement of the folders, contacts and widgets. Its 1.4 Ghz quad core processor gives awesome speed and helps in multitasking.It has the special feature of playing videos on the screen as a separate window giving us an option to do multiple work together. The scroll down option was introduced by Nokia but in Samsung Gravity Quad not just vertical drop down but horizontal scroll within the drop down is possible. We can even get all the updates as a reminder on the scroll which makes it more special.

Smart Stay
Samsung has made a breakthrough by introducing a new feature “Smart Stay” in which the phone would go to sleep when the user goes to sleep using the sensor. It would stay awake till you are and once you close your eyes, the Quad goes to sleep too. This helps in saving the power of the phone.

S Beam
It has another interesting feature of Samsung S Beam through which you can send any audio video files just by tapping two Quads with each other. This eases the way one can transfer the file to another phone.

This phone not only appeals to corporate users but also to the young generation. The amazing gaming feature of this phone will whoop the young gamers. With the help of its quad core processors, you can play HD games with ease. Thanks to Samsung they have given games like modern Warfare and Asphalt 7 available for download from the app store for free. So now their customer can enjoy the gaming experience along with the other special features.

Google map gives an extra advantage over other phones. With the special street view you can actually feel you are standing at that place and it gives you a 360 degree view of your surroundings.

Every good thing comes with some side of improvement and even this smartphone has a few cons. Its contacts and few apps gets crashed on its own which makes the phone to get hung for few seconds. The battery capacity is also less compared to other smart phones in competition.

Though HTC One X and Apple Iphone 5 are the competition to Samsung Gravity Quad, with the features packed inside the Quad, they are no match. Gravity Quad outsmarts other phones in its class with innovative designed, brilliant hardware n software and a competitive pricing (Samsung Gravity Quad priced at 34,900 INR, iPhone 5 priced at  45,000 INR).

Agreed that the phone has a couple of glitches in it and which phone doesn’t? Looking at the way Samsung is hell bent on producing one of the finest phones on the planet, I won’t be surprised to see them rectifying the glitches in their upcoming updates. And with so many features hard wired into Quad, it over shadows a few problems the phone has making it one of most desired phones all over.

MachineHappy rate Samsung Gravity Quad as follows:

Looks: 5 out of 5

Performance: 4.5 out 5

Features: 5 out of 5