Samsung’s Goliath: 110 inches Of Your Drawing Room

Samsung 110 inches 4K TVCES 2013 saw some real giants from the consumer electronics industry players. By giants I mean both geometrically and literally. There were a number of big products at CES 2013 this time around. But a goliath amongst all the big ones has to be the 110″ Samsung 4K  television.

The TV significantly puts down the UN85S9 announced earlier as a minnow. However the 110 inches 4K television is only a prototype as of now. It has the same design elements, though, with the tilt-back easel design and relatively slim bezel. I specifically don’t understand the size of it because definitely you would need to tailor make your space to have it in your house. But then CES is all about publicity and what better way to do that than bring out the biggest products on earth, even if they are in the prototype stage.

The Samsung UN85S9 will be out in 2013, but definitely the 110″ monster will take some time. I suggest first lets find some space in our living rooms.