Chill Out Smartly: Smart Refrigerator From Samsung

Samsung t9000 refrigeratorMachineHappy Speak: Samsung is really on a mission to turn the entire planet a smarter planet to live in. Smartphones, smarter interfaces, smart cameras and now its very smart refrigerator. Smart refrigerators are a question of over the top technology indulgence and essential functionality, which if you ask me is valid considering why would you need a refrigerator that stores apps like a smartphone. Its very unlikely that we would need the smartness of the refrigerator with us throughout the day, unless you stay in a mobile caravan. And that too would make you think twice before you splurge the bucks necessary for availing this smart feature in your household.

However all said and done, Samsung must be acknowledged for bringing out a smart fridge which inspite of the incredulity surrounding this segment manages to impress at CES 2013.

Samsung showed off the Android-based T9000 refrigerator with popular apps such as Evernote, the popular note-taking and memory-aid app at CES 2013. Evernote lets you create notes, share web clips, photos, links, and videos. You can then sync them with any other device you have that runs Evernote. Evernote can be used to create a grocery list on the refrigeratorand that list will instantly sync to your smartphone, and you’ll be able to get the message in time that you need to pick up the groceries. In short you don’t have to hear a word of complaint from your wife now on. The Samsung T9000 has a variety of pre-installed apps that are useful, it features Epicurious which allows you to look into your refrigerator and list the ingredients in the fridge. Then Epicurious will search through its database to find a recipe that you can make.

The app screen has a smart utility menu of icons at the bottom including memos, calendar etc. A definite plus for the samsung t9000ultra busy corporates of today.

Finally in terms of utility as a refrigerator the 32-cubic feet fridge itself has a lot of space in four compartments. You can configure as many compartments as you need as refrigerators.

Price Speak: The refrigerator is coming this mid 2013 for around $4,000.

MachineHappy Cut: In the same way as I started, a smart refrigerator is not something that you would want in your kitchen or your household for its basic utility. However if you are one of the uber smart people who like building a smarter household, this one is really something.

For a more on the Samsung T9000 check this video.