Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders

The new Scala Rider G9 powered by the most advanced technology never before in the Cardo headset’s, this is one of the major upgrade done over its predecessor G4 system. This headset communication system is specially designed for bike riders with innovative Bluetooth communication system.


Cardo Bluetooth headsets are probably the best known communication device among all the other brands available on the market that are designed for motorcycle riders. This headset comprises of many unique features and the device also incorporates many existing features and is developed using new version and software tools.

The G9 system comes with an excellent sound quality feature and an inventive volume option that is used very easily. It also allows its users to customise certain settings to modify the functionality and is saved automatically to be used for later reference. The toggling mode of communication is used to pair with 8 other riders; this paring is done in full-duplex mode.

The G9 device brings sophisticated and versatile features to improve your connectivity and opens the gateway for a new motorcycle communication system for bike riders. To enhance the riding experience it offers Bluetooth capability and an intercom communication with 8 other riders.

The social community web application allows you to communicate with others, invite your friends and other riders to join your group and allows you to plan for a trip and many other things. As we already said the system can be customised through settings which admit the G9 user to upgrade the software.


  • One+8: The intercom communication allows users to make easy and effective communication switching between other G9 users.
  • Flash pairing: Just by bumping the 2 G9 modules the device can be paired instantly.
  • Conference mode: Setting a mobile phone conference mode, both rider and passenger can make conference calls in a full-duplex, the full-duplex feature allows to listen and talk simultaneously between rider, passenger and other caller.
  • Social community: The web application confesses G9 user to set up a group in social networking sites depending on their location. The intercom system brings full new community to offer online presence for G9 users.
  • Voice commands: The voice recognition feature offers its user to set up status to make announcements making the device hand free operating just by passing voice commands. The system can be controlled by the user giving voice commands into the system’s microphone.
  • Easy navigation: The larger buttons that are encompassed on the device make its user to navigate easily and operate the system even by wearing gloves.
  • Interchangeable options: There are 2 microphone options– corded and boom.

The G9 system holds up other priority function features of the G4:

  • In built FM radio
  • MP3 connectivity
  • A2DP audio
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Weather and dust resistant design
  • VOX activation

Very much excited to make your motorcycle riding most thrilling experience than ever before with Cardo’s Scala Rider G9, then what are you waiting for? Order this equipment right today.

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