Self Driving Car From Audi That Picks You Up As You Command

Driverless cars are the next big story waiting to unfold in the automobile industry. Sparked off by the Google Driverless Car concept, more of driverless cars is expected in 2013. At CES 2013 driverless cars were expected to make quite a splash, and they have, with the showcasing of the driverless concepts by Audi as well as Toyota. However Audi has gone ahead and done something that wasn’t exactly along expected lines, by going out with a showcase concept of a self driving car. And that’s not all, this self driving car even picks you up upon a command from you to do so. Impressive? Definitely yes.

audi self driving car

The Audi A7 used by Audi to display the concept looks the same as normal Audi A7, but this was a special demo of Audi’s “piloted driving” system for automated parking. The piloted driving system works something like the auto pilot system in airplanes. The difference in this case being that a smartphone can be used to activate the system via an app. A press of a button then and the car drives out to you.

audi piloted driving appThe main difference between this car and the driverless car from Google is that this one looks exactly how a normal Audi A7 on the road looks. But there is also the cliche in this system. The only reason why this self driving car looks the same as a normal car from Audi is because this concept as of now can be only displayed in enclosed surroundings where laser guidance systems have already been set up. And very clearly this cannot be replicated over open spaces and in any arrangements. Furthermore the concept self driving car can be only utilized at low speeds for minimal distances as of now.

Audi has a lot of ground to cover to actually get this concept up and running, but the very fact that it has displayed the system under cover of the CES 2013 show is indication enough that it is definitely taking this concept seriously and worth investing in for the near future.

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