Skully: Android Powered Smart Helmet For Smart Riders

After Smartwatches, Smart Eye Glasses it’s time for new wearables to enter the market. Meet the new wearable “Skully” the smart helmet. The Skully AR-1 is an Android powered motorcycle helmet that runs on Android and can pair with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. You can now play music, take calls and get directions with this device using its voice command feature. Skully


Skully has an ultra-wide angle rear view camera attached to the back that projects what is behind you onto the Helmet Visor. This Smart Helmet is DOT/ECE certified. It is Lightweight and made of aerodynamic polycarbonate shell. It is Fog, Scratch and Glare resistant. It available in various sizes. Its battery lasts for 9 hours in case of continuous use.


This project is crowdfunded on Indiegogo. This Smart Helmet Skully is available for preorder and is priced at $1399. The first batch is expected to be shipped by May 2015. Its retail price will be $1499.


Rear Camera Showing Traffic Behind

Skully (1)

GPS Navigation Support


Play Music and Keep Track of Speed Simultaneously. Offers 9 Hours of Battery Backup