Sony Yuga Aka Sony Xperia Z (Review)


Sony Yuga also known as Sony Xperia Z will be possibly releasing on February 2013. Sony has been working for a long time on a 5 inch screen smartphone and now Sony Yuga is all ready to set it’s mark in the market. With the release of Sony Yuga some of the strong contenders of the smartphone market will be biting their nails because it is loaded with amazing features and also the price will be lower compared to other smartphones with features less then Sony Yuga.

Let’s check out some cool features of Sony Yuga/ Sony Xperia Z.

It has a 5 inches Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touch-screen along with corning gorilla glass will be something to watch out for. The capability of viewing the videos in HD, it is an experience in itself also the gorilla glass gives it more durability and makes it strong to go through rough conditions. Also its 5” screen will be something for all the smartphones of its range to watch out for specially Galaxy Note 2 and iPhone 5.

Sony Yuga is equipped with 12MP primary camera and with 2MP front camera for video chatting. The 12MP camera comes with so many features that you will always be eager what new can you do on your clicks. Sony is known is known for its large range of cameras so it’s 12MP cam will be something to watch out for. Sony have not just stunned the users by the Yuga’s hardware but also worked on the OS pretty well. It will be released with Jelly Beans OS, Android 4.1.

Processor And RAM
Its Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor with 2GB RAM gives awesome speed and helps in multitasking, multiple windows can be opened and the performance is really good. Browser is smooth and scrolling is faster. It comes with Android 4.1(Jelly Beans) during its release.

It has a 16GB internal memory and microSD card slot having the capacity of 128GB memory card. So you get more space to store your pictures, data and your favorite songs.

It is just 116 grams in weight which is lighter and its back panel is stylish and textured which makes it scratch proof. It is lighter for its big screen size. It has a volume rocker at the right side and camera button at the right. Also the power button is located above volume rocker at the right hand side. Charging/USB port is on the left hand side. The 3.5mm headphone jack is located at the top.

Battery life
It has a standard Li-ion 2400mAh battery which is predicted to give amazing battery life compared to other smartphones but it has a large screen so it will suck up most of the battery power to keep the backlit on. Well we can just wait and see what answer will sony have for this problem.

Sony Yuga will be releasing on February 2013 and looks like a really good phone which will give tough competition to the best smart-phones in the market. It is priced at the reasonable price of nearly Rs.35,000 in India according to the leaks. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the release of this smartphone soon.

MachineHappy Ratings:

LOOKS- 4/5



PRICE- At Rs. 30,000  the pricing is 4/5