SoShareIt: Send and Share files upto 1TB

SoShareIt, a new initiative taken by Bit-Torrent which can help you to share files over internet having size upto 1TB. 1TB is huge size and specially the media can take a huge advantage of these things where in a small video in Blu-ray takes up some space in few GBs and now this platform offers them to share these files within no times and problem. You will have to sign-up for this service here and then install the plugin on your browser.


As soon as you sign-in it will automatically ask you to install the plug-in and then you can share any file you want to with any of your friends. The condition is once you have shared the file, it should be downloaded by the recipient within next 30 days as after that, it will expire (or automatically permanently deleted from your account).

The recipient will not have to sign-up for this web-service to access the file, they can do it simply by clicking the link in the mail sent to them by SoShareIt. If want to share the same file with some of the users on a chat or anywhere else, then just copy the link and paste it there. They will be able to access it like any other recipient but for this you will have to create the public link of the file as by default your file cannot be accessed by anyone apart from the specified recipients. For sample you can check the public files here.

Source: BitTorrent