Staples Easy 3D-“Give Life To Your Pictures”


If till now you thought that your images were restricted to 2D and high quality HD pictures, then think again.

Staples is giving a new option of getting 3D prints through the service called Staples Easy 3D.This service will allow the customers to upload files to the Staples Office Center, have objects printed in 3D, and pick them up at a nearby store or have them shipped.This new deal between 3D printer manufacturer Mcor Technologies new and Staples may prove a huge step in making 3D printing affordable and accessible to the masses.

Staples Easy 3D is set to launch in the Netherlands and Belgium in early 2013and according to Staples Printing Systems’ director of business development Oscar Pakasi-”This service will be rolled out to other countries soon”.

Source: News Blaze