SubtleLock: Increases the space for notifications on iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The most annoying thing on the lock screen on iPhone is the amount of space taken by time and the Date. Both of them almost take half of the screen and then the unlock button at the bottom eats out most of the part. Now you have little amount of space left in between these two to read the notifications. Again the format of the notifications is sometimes space consuming. Today we will mention about a jailbreak tweak which decrease the size of the time and the date displayed at the top thus giving some more space for you to see the notifications at once without scrolling the screen down.


SubtleLock solves this issue, you will just have to search it on Cydia and install it, BigBoss repo is already available by default in Cydia but still if you do not have it, then here is the link ‘’. The application will cost you for 1USD and it is worth it as it gives a new experience to the users to read their notifications easily. It reduce the extra space available from both sections mentioned above.

Now when it comes to iPhone then it does not serve the same purpose and moreover it looks pretty ugly. Yes it will create some space in the middle you will not be able to see more notifications on iPhone 5 as mentioned above in the video by iDownloadblog, number of notifications displayed at a time will remain same and the empty space created by this tweak will remain empty on the screen (this is a complete turn off for the users of iPhone 5, but then iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users can take a full advantage of this tweak.)