Superhero OR USB-Drive

Till now if you thought super heroes have cool secrets then here is your chance to let your super hero keep your secret. An Indian based design company Omplyfyd fx has come out with some cool action heroes which are actually portable 4GB and 16GB pen drives. So if you are bored looking at your normal pen drives everyday during your daily routine then here are some superheroes who will not only keep your data safe but also add up a little character to your computer table.

These pen drives are portable, easy to use and can also be used as key-chains. So if you are planning to gift something to your friends this New Year then just check out some amazing ranges of superheroes.

These pen drives are available at a reasonable price of 699 INR for 4GB and 1200INR for 16GB.

Lets glance over the specs of these superheroes other than their super powers:



Reading Speed


Writing Speed



3 yrs


Win98/ME/2000/XP/ Vista/7 , Mac OS 9.X/Linux2.4

Storage Lifetime

More than 10 years


PC, notebook, MAC

Power Supply

Not needed

Along with these features they are easy to read with high speed, Also they support  USB ZIP/HDD startup.

That’s not it these mini superheroes are small, stylish, fashionable, shock resistance, damp proof, lighting resistance, antimagnetic , can endure impacts, knock of 3 meters fall and they are easy to carry too.

Phew! After so many features  what are you waiting for guys just  join the league of  your favorite Superheroes today.