Tablet Or Laptop-Dell XPS 12 Review

With the recent trend of tablets, It is really irrelevant to carry laptop and tablet together at the same time. You would had have a thought at the back of your mind while watching transformers movie, “How fun it would be if your laptop can convert into tablet whenever necessary and again turn back to laptop when required!” The new Dell XPS 12 is your new transformer which will act as the laptop and tablet whenever required.

Let’s go through the features of this Dell Transformer:

Battery Life
This device is loaded with 6 cell Li-ion battery. Battery life is around five hours, when you use the notebook for regular uses such as web surfing, writing and playing games such as Angry Birds Star Wars while under battery power only. It’s not the worse battery life ever experienced in a thin and light notebook, It would have had been better if the XPS 12 last at least six hours under battery energy, especially since it uses an SSD drive, which in theory should make the notebook more energy conservative.

Unfortunately, the battery is also not removable so if you really need some extra energy and you are not near a power outlet, your only bet is to buy some kind of external battery pack. It’s a little annoying but this can be solved using Timbuk2 power commute or Phorce Bags.

Thanks to both the improvements put into Windows 8 itself as well as its use of an SSD drive, the XPS 12 starts up in just a few seconds. It also quickly starts up from its “sleep” mode. Hopefully, the days of waiting and waiting for a notebook to start up when you push a power button will be well behind us in the near future.

It is of about 13” which is bigger than the maximum size of normal tablets but it is less than the average size of a laptop .So the screen size maintains a balance between a tablet and laptop. As it can be transformed into a tablet it contains the touch screen feature which can recognize 10 finger multitouch gestures. The display is covered with the strong Gorilla Glass which protects it under tough conditions and scratches. Dell says that its owners can expect the rotating hinge for the display to last 20,000 rotations and if that really turns out to be true that should be more than enough for most owners.

Storage capacity
It comes with 256 GB solid storage hard drive which is pretty good compared to all the tablets but it is equal to the minimum storage capacity of a laptop.We can store more data like movies,pictures and important documents.

The body of Dell XPS12 is made up of carbon fibre. The frame is based on aluminum and the keyboard is using magnesium. All in all, this is not a flimsy notebook and should hold up well with a lot of use, which should make the owners who travel a lot, quite happy.

The notebook itself has curved out its edges. Even the backlit keyboard buttons have a somewhat curved design. It gives the notebook more of a modern and slicker look than the normal laptop. Overall, typing on the keyboard is solid and comfortable also the backlit key feature is helpful when the notebook is used at night. The included touchpad is also well designed and easy to use for those folks who want to use the desktop UI and don’t have a handy mouse around. The touchpad is a bit harder to use in the “Modern” UI of Windows. It’s just not as responsive as we would like with the Windows 8 touch gestures. On the other hand, we suspect most XPS 12 owners will go ahead and simply touch the display itself in that mode, even when it is being used as a notebook.

The bottom of the notebook has two horizontal ridges which give the XPS 12 a slight boost upward. The bottom of the case also contains a vent that pushes out the air from the XPS 12’s fan. You likely won’t hear the fan too much unless you are playing a “Modern” Windows 8 game.

This notebook has all of its ports on the left and right side of the notebook. There are no ports on the front or back side. Each side has a small speaker, and they deliver good, but not great, audio output. The left side of the XPS 12 has the power and reset button, the headphone port, and a volume control rocker if you use the XPS 12 in tablet mode. The right side has a power port, along with a mini-Display Port and two USB 3.0 ports.It doesn’t have a MicroSD card slot or HDMI port.

Processor and RAM
It comes with 3rd generation Intel core i5/i7 Processors which are better than most of the 2nd generation and 1st generation processors. The speed of this hybrid is better than most of the laptops and tablets present in the market. It also comes with 4GB/8GB RAM which is really good. Thus with the touch interface the speed of this hybrid is really good.

It contains Intel QS77 Express Chipset which is not made for high end applications such as high end PC games. So most hardcore PC gamers won’t be able to use this device as their portable gaming computer. We can expect that it was made for a casual PC users or one who travels a lot on business. Perhaps in the future Dell can squeeze in a dedicated NVIDIA or AMD graphics processor inside another hybrid Windows 8 notebook.


  • It is heavy as compared to a tablet.
  • It does’nt have enough ports.
  • It’s battery life is less.
  • Cannot be used for high end gaming.

If you want to have windows 8 experience along with the tablet and laptop features, XPS 12 is the right fit. Dell has really worked on the hard sturdy body looking at the needs of the customers.Being the first hybrid with windows 8 experience it really is a trend setter.It is available at the price range of $1199 which is really high but with the amzing features of a hybrid and the sturdy body it really deserves a look.

Machine Happy Ratings:

Performance- 4/5

Design- 4/5

Value- 3/5